Oshikhandass Village Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan in 2020

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Oshikhandass is a village in Gilgit-Baltistan. It is east of Gilgit city. Oshikhandass is a piece of the Bagrot Valley and had roughly 7,200 occupants in 2011. Around 55% of the populace has a place with the Shia Imami Ismaili sect of Islam that pursues the 4th Aga Khan;  The neighborhood economy is primarily agriculture based. There are three government schools, two of which are for young ladies and one are for young men. The village altitude is 1,500 meters (4,900 ft).

This town joins Bagrot Valley and Jalalabad to Danyor, a city in Gilgit. The Karakorum Highway goes through the town. Shina and Burushaski are the principle dialects. Nanga Parbat, which deceives the east of the town, can be seen from Oshikhandass. The town was already part of India before the India-Pakistan division.

The notable name of Oshikhandass was “Punal Dass”. The name of this town Oshikhandass advanced from two dialects. “Oshi” signifies wind in Shina language, “Khan” signifies ‘town’ in the Burushaski language and “Dass” signifies ‘uncultivated land’ in the two dialects. This land was under authority of the valley.Those individuals (who originated from Hunza on the solicitation of the individuals of Oshikhandass) developed the water channel which supplies water to the town even today. The water channel is connected to the waterway which originates from Glaciers of Karakoram through Bagrot valley. The majority of the water of Oshikhandass originates from the Bagrot Glacier.

Oshikhandass Welfare and Development association (OWDO) is an enrolled welfare association in the town. Numerous individuals from Oshikhandass work in Gilgit, as retailers and in other little endeavors.

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